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Short Late Report Utah Lake 5/14/2022
Sorry this is late, but work has been hectic.

It looked like a nice warm calm day on Saturday so Jon and I headed for Utah Lake State Park. We launched a little after 3 P.M, air temp was a little over 70, water in the harbor was 68 and in the main lake 63 degrees. Winds were light until just at dark and then jumped to about 10 MPH NW.

We dragged white bass and carp chunks on FLAITS at 0.4 to 1 MPH and found fish anywhere from 3 to 7 FOW. They were scattered but fairly willing. We averaged just over 3 cats/hour. We had several really quiet stretches and also had a triple. Jon was the top rod with one at 29-3/4”. We did manage to catch 2 whites. 

One early on a spin jig and one later on a catfish bait.
The fresh WB was by far the bait of choice and small to medium sized attractors were the preference. No fish were caught on the thawed carp meat and the one carp I hooked bent the little jig hook and got off.

We didn’t see any carp splashing in the shallows, but they probably started in earnest with the warm temps yesterday (Monday).

It was a good evening and the best is still yet to come!

[Image: Jon-is-happy.jpg]

[Image: 29-75.jpg]


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