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Short Late Report Utah Lake 5/14/2022
Thanks for the reply Curt! We didn't weight that one, but we did weigh a fat 28" cat and it was 9-1/2 pounds. Craig posted a "rule" for cat weights that I've found to be very good for average healthy cats. It said for cats 22 to 30" long, take the length, subtact 20 and then add 1 and you get the weight. By that rule, the one you asked about would be 10.75 pound and it was way below that I'm sure. That one was a very skinny male and I suspect it barely made 9 pounds. Most of the cats at UL this spring have been very heavy for their length. We got one several weeks ago that was 28.5. Normally that would be about 9-1/2 pounds and it was over 11-1/2. MrJ got one a few weeks back that was 29-1/2 and weighed 15 pounds!

I hope after the WB gorge earlier that all that weight converts into a (length) growth spurt. That would make for some really long ones this summer. I don't know why the 29-3/4 seemed to miss the feast of dead WB earlier this spring. Slept in maybe Smile

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