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Mirror Lake Highway Tiger and Brook Trout
A buddy of mine told me he had never caught a tiger trout. So, I took him to mirror lake highway because pretty much every roadside lake, and many of the hike-in lakes are stocked with hundreds of tigers a month. We fished several lakes, starting at Butterfly Lake and slowly moving south fishing Pass Lake, Mirror Lake, and Crystal Lake on the way. We caught a lot of fish on a few different methods. I decided to try something new a throw a small Jerkbait. This worked very well and I ended up throwing it for the rest of the day. We caught a few on spinners as well, but they performed poorly compared to how they usually do. Worms also caught a bunch of course.

I have a video linked below to anyone who's interested.

[Image: PXL-20230809-182419554-2.jpg]

[Image: PXL-20230809-204813759.jpg]

[Image: PXL-20230810-010131268-2.jpg]

[Image: PXL-20230810-010136291.jpg]

[Image: PXL-20230809-220016606-2.jpg]

[Image: PXL-20230809-223319468.jpg]
Why do I like fishing so much? The same reason why you like breathing so much, It keeps me alive.

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