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Deer Creek
Hi all, I haven't posted much but read all the comments and appreciate everyone's expertise.  Thought I'd share an update from this weekend's trip to DC. I took a buddy and 2 of my boys out Saturday morning for some trolling on the toon.  Started near the Wallsburg arm and headed north dragging flashers and dodgers with wedding rings and spinners  tipped with maggots about 10-20 feet down.  It was really slow when we started around 9am, picking up one or two random rainbows here and there.   Around 1pm, at the north end of the lake it was like a switch was flipped and the fishing picked up like crazy for an hour and we had multiple doubles with non stop bites.   Caught a ton of nice football shaped bows, 3 of which came home for dinner.   They were about 12-16", fat and feisty.  It was a blast to see the fish get hooked and clear the water 100 feet behind the boat while fighting. We had a great time, I've never seen it go from being so dead to so fast like that.
Sounds like you had nice day, once it turned on! Keep on sharing, great to hear of folks getting out with those kiddos.
Great report. Thanks for sharing
Remember: keep the lid on the worms, share your jerky, and stop by to say hi to Cookie and the Cowboy-Pirate crew

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