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Fishing Academy 2 Day, 7/3 - 7/5
The Fishing Academy is having its first Albacore trip of the year aboard the Champ out of H&M Sportfishing.<br><br>Departs: July 3, 9PM. Please be on board one hour early.<br>Returns: July 5, 5PM<br>Reservations: (619) 225-8969, price $399, includes meals and snacks.<br><br>This is a terrific trip on a great boat at a super price. If you haven’t fished the Champ recently, you should give her a try. I think the Champ is one of the nicest boats in the San Diego Fleet. All Fishing Academy trips have seasoned instructors on board and are always fun trips.<br><br>Freebies: This Fishing Academy trip features free T-shirts, free Hats, free Mustad Hooks, free Kicker Jigs, free Big Hammer Plastics, free Fishco Leadheads, free Pro-Cure Bait Scents, free Tackle Box Stickers, and a special Fishing Academy Graduation Certificate for everyone. <br><br>Whether you’re a newcomer to the sport or an old salt with tuna blood flowing through your veins, the Fishing Academy trips have something for you. For the novice we have instructors on board to help you with everything from tackle selection, to knot tying, to picking the best bait or jig, to casting, to landing fish. If you’re a seasoned veteran, we have the latest equipment available on board for you to try.<br><br>Demo Equipment: 12 Seeker Black Steel Graphite Rods fitted with Progear Reels and loaded with Softsteel Monofilament Line. Also on board will be Seeker’s new S-Glass ULUA-93H and SD8 rods. Progear's new Pacifica Reels will also be on board for you to try.<br><br>Check the complete Fishing Academy schedule at<br><br>Call me if you have any questions at (949) 888-7664.<br><br><br>Please practice C.P.R. (Catch-Photograph-Release)<br>My web page --->>Fishing Academy ---><br><br><br><br>Fishing Academy ---&gt;<b><font color=blue><A HREF="" target="_new"></A></font color=blue></b>
Aloha Dan, this is Dan…[Smile]<br><br>Sounds like a great trip, looks like plenty action out there now too.<br><br>Will there be any Fireworks to be seen from the boat on the 4th?<br><br>Make sure we get a report next week upon return.<br>Post it as a reply to this thread & we can keep tract of em as they go by.<br><br><br>[Wink]
Aloha Dan,<br><br>Every night, nearby Sea World has Fireworks for their guests that can be seen from the dock and surrounding area, so yes there will be Fireworks [Smile]. All reports indicate this will be a <b><font color=red>TERRIFIC TRIP</font color=red></b> with Bluefin and Albacore. I'll post a complete report on my return. <br><br>Dan<br><br>Fishing Academy ---&gt;<b><font color=blue><A HREF="" target="_new"></A></font color=blue></b>
We all boarded the Champ at H&M Sportfishing in San Diego about 8:30pm. Everyone was filled with anticipation about this trip and the promise of Yellowtail and Albacore. You know the scene; everyone is hurrying about finding their room and bunk, getting their tackle box situated, putting reels on rods, tying knots, discussing jig colors, etc. The sign-ins were done and we were under way by 9:30. While at the bait docks, we could see nightly fireworks display from nearby Sea World amusement park. The evening was balmy and you could feel the excitement on board as everyone wondered about the fish counts and such. <br><br>The bait loaded consisted of Sardines and Anchovies with a few Mackerel. While the boat was being loaded with live bait we had our get-together in the Galley. Mike Diamond, the owner of the Champ, welcomed all aboard and did the mandatory safety seminar and then turned it over to me to do my Tuna 101 and Rail Etiquette seminars. We all introduced ourselves, said hello, and dispersed to finish the assembly of our tackle for the morning’s fishing. <br><br>The plan was to travel to the 110-mile area for Albacore and we put the jigs out at 6am while en route. Most of the day was sporadic jig strikes with a few bait hookups. The hot colors for the jigs were black and purple, even in the bright sunshine. Fishing the slide with a 1-ounce rubber core sinker and dead anchovy was the hot ticket for the day and accounted for about 10% of the total catch. Anchovy fly-lined with a size 1 Mustad 94150 or 10827BLN was the rig of choice with some using a ¼ ounce split shot. Day two found us further north, still fishing for Albacore with the occasional Kelp paddy.<br><br>The weather was mostly flat and calm and the skies were broken cloudy. The temps were pleasant and the ride was smooth. All in all it was a good fishing trip. As usual, the galley pumped out some great food for all on board. Of course the meals were just about all punctuated by the “Hook Up” yell from the rail, which prompted the mad scramble from the Galley. The occasional help paddy with some exciting Yellowtail fishing broke up the Albacore hunt. It’s amazing how the Yellowtail instinctively knows to head for the bush and break your line. The grunting and such by anglers trying to guide the Yellowtail away from the kelp was entertaining. <br><br>We had the usual good Champ crew on board. The skipper was Chris Flores and the second was Bobby hack. In the galley were Mary Anne and Mike; on deck were Greg, Steve, and Matt.<br><br>There were several Father-Son/Daughter combinations on board with some experiencing their first try at an Albacore or Yellowtail. Even owner Mike Diamond’s 7 year-old son Joe got in on the action. Joe may be a little guy but he already knows how to handle a rod and land fish. <br><IMG SRC=""><br>Joe Diamond with his Bonito<br><br>Other Father-Son combos were 14-year-old Daniel Redinger and his dad Gary of San Bernardino, 14-year-old Brian Craft and his dad Tim of San Diego, 9-year-old Hunter Hanst and his dad Dave of Cardiff, Danette Proctor was on board with her dad Russ from Tucson Arizona and Rick Finger and his dad Lee of San Bernardino were on board. Lee was on the water for the first time in 10 years and did very well. Danette Proctor leaves for Ireland next week to start work in the computer field. <br><br>While the fishing was not the expected wide-open variety, there was enough to go around and all had a good time. Carlos Magallanes of San Diego won first place jackpot, Chuck Keyte of San Diego won second place and Rick Finger of Corona won third place. <br><br>The next Fishing Academy trip is on the Native Sun out of Long Beach Sportfishing on July 18th. This is a 3/4 day special Jigs Instructional trip, cost $40. Call the landing for reservations at (562)432-8993. You can call me if you have any questions at (949)922-7664.<br><br>Dan Butler<br><br><br>Fishing Academy ---&gt;<b><font color=blue><A HREF="" target="_new"></A></font color=blue></b>
Sounds like a great trip Dan, thanks for the report & pix..! [Wink]
Hi Dan, this is Dan.[Smile] By the way, your Smiley faces are way cool. <br><br>Here’s some answers to your questions:<br><br>Q. How often do ya do these trips & are they often full of the freebees & Demo gear..?<br>A. There will be about 20 trips this year ranging from ¾ day trips to 6 day long range trips. The complete schedule is available at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> All the trips have a bunch of free promo stuff for give-away. Here is what’s really different about the Fishing Academy trips; all the prices are the same as normal trips.[Smile] The sponsors furnish all the give-aways and demo gear at no cost to the passengers. <br><br>Q. What a great idea, putting trips together for Helping folk with Hands ON type instruction.<br>A. Yes, the hands on aspect of the trips is what sets them apart from others. The instruction on my trips is a laid back-low key–go at your own pace type of thing.<br><br>Q. I like the `Father-Son/Daughter combinations idea, is that normal on your trips?<br>A. I too like the Father Son/Daughter thing. I didn’t plan it exactly that way but because the Fishing Academy is an instructional thing I get a lot of Fathers bringing their Sons and Daughters out to learn to fish. <br><br>[Smile] The boat operators allow me passage on the trips in exchange for the promotional work I do for them. <br><br>Also, I try to convince folks to join Fishing Clubs, United Anglers, and the Recreational Fishing Alliance. I do this because I think it is a worthwhile thing. <br><br>If you want to know more about me personally, I have a home page… <A HREF="" target="_new"></A><br><br><br>Here’s some links to more photos of the trip. <br><A HREF="" target="_new"></A><br><A HREF="" target="_new"></A><br><A HREF="" target="_new"></A><br><A HREF="" target="_new"></A><br><A HREF="" target="_new"></A><br><br>The next Fishing Academy trip is July 18th on the Native Sun from Long Beach Sportfishing. The trip will be a Jig Instructional trip so if you want to learn to cast and fish a jig get on board. Call the landing for reservations at (652)432-8993. You can call me with questions at (949)922-7664.<br><br>Fishing Academy ---&gt;<b><font color=blue><A HREF="" target="_new"></A></font color=blue></b>

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