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Saturday fishin
Well we got to Carey and for 2 weeks its been open, but not today[mad] Sure enough it was iced up and only about a 10' area open already occupied by 2 stuborn fishermen.

So on our drive back to twin (twin falls) we fished the littlewood river with fly rods in hand, caught 2 rocks and 4 snags, but no fish[crazy] She was begining the winter runoff, muddy and starting to rise. A gorgeous day though, sunny and no wind, Praise God.

Couple of my buddies headed for cove arm at cj strike, hope they found a bucketfull of crappie[cool]
Hopefully a bit of water will open up soon. When's the best time for Crappy on CJ Strike? I don't know much about Crappy fishing, but I'm game to give it a go. I'd like to be able to catch them on flies if possible. Any hints troops?
I've been thinking alot about crappie also. I seen a picture the other day in the Boise Statesman of the Woodhead boat ramp at Brownlee. The cove was frozen over and I started thinking about ice fishing for crappie. I also see that the docks were still in. I bet you could drill a hole right off the dock and catch fish.
I'm gonna try the Payette river by Black Canyon Dam in about a week for bass or trout, providing I finally get off graveyards and get some real sleep.
Kodiak, is there an area at Brownlee that a person could get to good crappie with a toon?

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