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Lucky Peak (Almost Report)
Drove by the L.P. dam area yesterday. Ice is gone. Still ice up above in Mores Creek arm but open water off Spring Shores. (Spring Shores ramp may still have a hole in it so launching larger trailered boats is best at the dam until the water comes up) Saw a couple of brave souls out near the Tuttle Creek ramp in a small boat. (28 degrees out when I went by!) I'll be out to see if the Kokanee are to be found early next week; weather permitting. Looking for a light wind day in the lower to mid-50's. I'm in a black and silver Alumacraft so if you are up there and see me I'll let you know if I'm doing anything. Will be flatlining with kokanee troll, snubber, flourescent pink humdinger or pink hoochies and scented white shoepeg corn. .9 to 1.4 mph. A month early but maybe they will be there? I'll post results. May also try C.J. Strike for trout if the warming trend continues. Rainbow Rapalas are often my ticket.
I've been up to CJ Strike, and haven't done anything from the bank, and haven't seen anybody do anything from a boat, either, in terms of trout. That was at the dam end of the reservoir. Seems like Swan Falls might be an option as well. I'll keep an eye out for your posts.
Hey, Kodiak. Yes, hope to see you in the area. Sounds like a great boat you purchased. I'll keep an eye out for you. I'm trying to break free and hit the Lucky or C.J. soon. May be too early for Kokes but worth a try.[Smile]

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