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Salmon Falls Creek Res report
Well I made it into the Backwaters Area, boy was it muddy!! The water had risen and so the stuff out of the banks had some slushy ice on it. I tried it anyways with no luck, so I move up into the creek area and fished some the banks and caught 2 1 1/2# est. trout using the dropshot method. So I never got the toon off the trailer.

The geese were talking and a few ducks went by and I didn't see anyone till I was coming out. It was a great day!
I used to fish out there alot in the summer and fall when i lived in Twin. We caught some nice trout and bass out there. Never did get an eye though.
Hey, 2 trout of edible size, and chattering geese--I would call that a good day! I think it's easy sometimes to get caught up in how many fish I catch, and how well I do, as opposed to just enjoying the outing. After living away from Idaho for over a decade, I am always grateful to just be out in the fresh air, enjoying the sights. Fish are the icing on the cake [cool]
Welcome to the site. Was wondering if you will join us? There was some slushy ice.

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