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C J Strike Sunday. fishing report
Needed to relax a little this Sunday. We have a new grandson, Montgomery, but he's having a difficult start and then his dad, age 38, Friday night decides to have a heart attack while at the hospital and they had to put in a stint to open up a main artery, so I went a did some tooning after Kurt was released. God has had everything in place for both Kurt and the baby, so that does ease some of the worry.

Went to the Cove at CJ. Well the fishin was great and even the catchin. Had some bumps, had a smally steal a jig, landed a 6" smally on a black fly with a blk currly tail grub, a perch 10" take a currly tail grub. The fish were staring to be active and the day was awsome and the time change made me get home late. Felt like it was really going to get going there. The water temp was 50 in the cove and 48 in the river.

Your right, God has things in order. Give dad and grandson my prayers from Idaho Falls.

Sounds like fishin' was great personal therapy!


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