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BFT Site Help
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 3]Ok guys heres my plan. I want to help everyone inlcuding myself with how to use this site more efficiently.

It will take me time but I will be posting under [#808000]this thread[/#808000] with directions to do just about everything from how to register, to how to make a signature post and anything else I can think of.

So if there is anything you guys would like to see some directions of let me know and I will try and figure it out and get it posted. Oh and if you don't like it PM me and I will get rid of it also.

Adding a user icon, or avatar.

An avatar is the little picture or image that shows up under your username on all of your posts. Mine is a pic of me holding a kokanee. If you wish to add one, I'm going to give you the directions here. With the recent site upgrade these directions have changed. So, here are the most recent directions.

[#000000][size 4]First, prepare an image by resizing it, and saving it in a place where it will be easy to locate. Your image should be no wider than 140 pixels. If you need help resizing a pic, let me know. Once you have it resized, and saved, continue with the instructions below.[/size][size 3] [/size][/#000000]
[#000000][size 4][/size][/#000000]
[#000000][size 4]To add an avatar you need to click first on "profile" at the top of the page. Then click on "edit your forum preferences". Then on the forum settings tab scroll down to "user icon." This is where you can upload an avatar image by clicking on browse, and locating the image on your computer. Once your image is located, click on upload. Once you have done that, click below on "save forum settings." Your new image should now appear on all of your posts from the past, as well as any new ones you make. [/size][/#000000]
[size 4][/size]
[size 4]As always, send me a pm if you have any questions or difficulties.[/size]


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