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How to Post Pictures in your Post or Report.!!
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4]As many of you know some of us like to share our experiences and adventures with other Wyoming BFT Members in our reports and posts that we make on the Wyoming board by posting pictures with our report. So to help guide you through this process here is a little tutorial that will hopefully help.[/size][/#808000][/font]
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4][/size][/#808000][/font]
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4]There are two ways that pictures can be added to the post. The first is to attach the picture to the post, and then viewers will then have to open the attachment to view the picture.[/size][/#808000][/font]
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4][/size][/#808000][/font]
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4]The second way is the add the attached picture into the body of the post using an "Inline" feature so it will show up with what ever text or comments you are using.[/size][/#808000][/font]
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4][/size][/#808000][/font]
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4]There are pros and cons to both processes. Inline pictures have to be a much smaller pixel size to be able to fit in the post so some details of the pictures may be sacrificed. But inline pictures are typically smaller file sizes and are loaded into the computer faster and all internet users will be able to view them.[/size][/#808000][/font]
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4][/size][/#808000][/font]
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4]Attached only pictures can be a larger pixel size to show greater detail which may be wanted depending on the specific picture. The problem with this type of picture addition is these files are typically larger file sizes and some of them take quite awhile to load, and some users that still have dial up internet access might not ever be able to view them.[/size][/#808000][/font]
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4][/size][/#808000][/font]
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4]Ultimately it is up to you to choose how you would like to share your pictures with .[/size][/#808000][/font]
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4][/size][/#808000][/font]
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][size 4][#808000]Here is a sort of Step by Step guideline: Most Digital Cameras come with software that will allow you to accomplish the following procedures.[/#808000][/size][/font] [ol] [li][#808000][font "Tempus Sans ITC"][size 4]Download pics from camera and put them into a named file folder.[/size][/font] [/#808000][/li] [li][font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4]Decide which pictures you will use in your post and copy them and place them into another folder with new names for the picture. I have a specific folder called BFT PICS to place my pictures is so I won't get them mixed up. I do this because the editing that I do to the pictures will change the picture forever and I do not want to ruin the original picture.[/size][/#808000][/font][/li] [li][font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4]Go through each picture, one by one, to do whatever enhancing/editing you need to do. Crop off the extra stuff around the edges that just makes the picture bigger without telling the story. [/size][/#808000][/font][/li] [li][font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4]Next you will have to resize each picture for both types of picture attachment you will be doing. To do this click on "Resize" function that should be found somewhere in you camera software. The current dimensions (in pixels) should be displayed. For large resolution cameras the pixel width may be from 1800 to 3000 pixels. If you just want to attach the picture, without putting it in the post, change the pixel width to 1000-1500 pixels and then see how large the file KB. You want to end up with something under 300 KB. If you plan to include the picture in the post, it will need to be resized to less than 450 pixels wide. Click on finished or done and save the picture. Make sure the picture gets saved or all the work you have done on the picture will have to be redone.[/size][/#808000][/font][/li] [li][font "Tempus Sans ITC"][size 4][#808000]Next open up a new Thread on the board you plan to post and type your report or experiences.[/#808000][/size][/font][/li] [li][font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4]To attach the picture to a post, click on the "Browse" button at the bottom of your post. That will bring up a menu of files on your computer. Find the folder with your picture(s) and open it. Double click on the picture you want to upload and the file name will appear in the window besides "Browse" button. Click on "Upload attachment" to complete the attachment of your picture. This will download the picture from your computer to the BFT server so it can be used in your post. This must be done for both Inline pictures and normal attached only picture.[/size][/#808000][/font][/li] [li][font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4]Duplicate step 6 for each picture you wish to add. When you are done you will see a list of the pictures that you have downloaded at the bottom of your post.[/size][/#808000][/font][/li] [li][font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4]If you are not adding "Inline" Pictures skip the following steps and go to 14 to complete your post.[/size][/#808000][/font][/li] [li][font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4]If you have resized your picture(s) to less than 450 Pixels wide to be added Inline with your post you will see a little box in the list of pictures that says "Inline". Check this box for each picture that you will be adding inline to your post. [#ff0000]Warning[/#ff0000] do not check this box unless your pictures have been resized to less than 450 Pixels wide and you want your pictures to be inline with your post.[/size][/#808000][/font][/li] [li][font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4]Next place your cursor on the left side of the post where ever you want your picture to be place in the post.[/size][/#808000][/font][/li] [li][font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4]Then hit the little Picture frame thing in the menu bar (Second from the right). This will bring up a box that says "Image Location". Note: Some Pop Up blockers will not allow this to appear so if it does not show up when you click this, hold down the "CTRL" key while you click on the button this will allow the box to appear.[/size][/#808000][/font][/li] [li][font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4]Once that box is up, there will be a place to check on that says "Inline Image". Click on this, and it will bring up a list of your downloaded photo(s). Check which Photo you want to place into the post and hit the "Submit" button. This will place the photo within the body of your post where ever your cursor was. It is very important to make sure you have you cursor where you want it before adding the picture.[/size][/#808000][/font][/li] [li][font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4]Repeat steps 9 thru 11 for each picture that is to be added "Inline".[/size][/#808000][/font][/li] [li][font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4]When everything is the way you like it and all your text and pictures have been added hit the "Submit Post" button. This will place your post on the Wyoming board for all to admire and share![/size][/#808000][/font][/li][/ol][size 1]
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4]I know that there are different ways to post pictures and if you go to other boards you will see various instructions on how to do this. But these techniques have worked flawlessly for me and this is how I reccommend to add your pics to your post.[/size][/#808000][/font]
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4][/size][/#808000][/font]
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4]If you still need help after following these directions feel free to PM me and I will either try and help you work through it yourself, or you can e-mail me the pics and I will add them to the post in whatever manner you would prefer. Don't be shy either I am here to help you guys, I like to see the pictures of your adventures as much as my own.[/size][/#808000][/font]
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4][/size][/#808000][/font]
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][black][size 4][#808000]Wyobraz[/#808000]

How do I use my Photo Gallery?

[indent]How to create a new Album
You can create separate albums for different hunting and fishing trips by clicking on [url ""][#212126]Create a New Album[/#212126][/url] and uploading photos to them.

how to upload photos to your gallery

[ol][li]Click on your own user name[/li][li]Click on my latest picture or click on view my photo gallery[/li][li]Click on [url ""][#212126]Upload Photos[/#212126][/url] [/li][li]Vary much the same as uploading a photo to a post, you can upload 10 photos at a time, "no size limit"[/li][li]The same time you are uploading you can designate which album you want your photos to go.[/li][li]Click upload/submit[/li][li]When the next page opens, scroll down and click process. "At this time you can delete any photos you may have uploaded by accident by un checking the box next to the thumbs on the page before you click process."[/li][/ol]
How to take photos from your album to your post

[ol][li]Right click on your user name then click open in a new window[/li][li]Click on my latest picture or click on view my photo gallery[/li][li]Select the album you want to draw from[/li][li]Select the photo you want to place in your post[/li][li]Right click on the photo you want and click copy[/li][li]Go back to the other window you left open and open the post you want your photo to go in[/li][li]Right click in the edit window and click paste[/li][/ol]
You can copy and paste all the photos in your gallery of what you just uploaded that has to do with your post or copy and paste the lead thumb nail photo to take them directly to your post and replies.

New how-to and post your thoughts and suggestions:

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