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Lucky Peak am of 6-12
Thanks for the report on AR, Mike. We saw the guys directly out from Spring Shores ramp catching kokes this morning as we passed by. We trolled the narrows with downriggers from 8:30 to 10:30am. Kokanee bite was constant. Kept 3 limits (18). Largest was 15 3/4"; very fat fish I swore would go 17"... Ha. Fooled again. Only one of those big ones. Most were 10" to 12" and perfect for the smoker. We threw back 3-4 smaller ones and lost maybe 6 on an apex that we'd earlier lost the lower hook off of. Figured out finally that fish were probably freeing themselves bumping into the tail of the lure which was right at the hook. I'll be retying that one.
I'm currently running 8lb vaned weights (the green ones) with dodgers directly off the ball eye. Using small stacker clips about 3-4 feet up the cable with about 10 to 15 foot line setbacks. I think anything will work right now. Currently rigged with beer cans (red prism tape on one with silver blades and same tape on one with gold blades) followed by snubbers and rainbow apexes on about 18" leaders. Tipping with Garlic and Shrimp scented shoepeg.
Didn't find the kokanee "column" this time but saw plenty of red arches. Could actually see the fish come up to the lure or the ball flasher just before they hit. Most fish were 25 to 35 feet. Tried deeper once and hooked a 15" rainbow. There are many targets even deeper at 60 to 80 feet. May try next time to go down there and see what they are?
Overall, ideal conditions this morning. We started for the dam ramps but it was pretty windy there around 8am so we went on up to Spring Shores where it was about calm. Ramp is in great shape; not crowded at all.
BTW: Watched two boats flatlining some type of lures. Didn't see them catch a single fish... Gotta have the DRs now for kokes. My usual flatlining earlier in March and April just didn't do it either. As soon as I went to the DRs I started limiting. [Smile]
Very good report, I am back in Kentucky, Ohio this week but hope to try some Koking when I get back....I am gonna visit my cousin while I am here and try some bass fishing in his farm pond...he says I will get tired of catching fish.


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