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Michigan D.N.R.
I'm going anti-Mi.D.N.R. here , hope you don't mind .
I just started reading this pamplet for the antlerless tags and it just dosen't make a whole lot of sence period !
There are so many do this and don't do thats with a couple of do and don'ts at the same time , it just boggles the mind that we are paying these people to screw up our hunting beyond belief .

Is it me or does anyone else think that the Mi.D.N.R. now impliments rules and regulations in order to discourage hunting and fishing in Michigan ????
Maybe , it is just to gain revinew by targeting us sportsmen by making the rules too complicated to understand and follow in a lawfull manner , whatever the case , they are dropping the ball bigtime when it comes to promoting hunting and fishing here in a state that offers more than any surounding state in our area of the midwest .
Shure , all of the regulations are printed in a pamplet , sometimes multiple pamplets , but if you can figure out which regulation from which pamplet focuses on your particular hunt area than you are doing better than the rest of us . I sugest doing like the Mi.D.N.R. C.O.'s do , get a highlighter and multiple hunting pamplets , highlight all the rules that apply to your area , then list them on a legal pad , include pamplet name and page of each rule .
Now go thru the licences you can carry on your person while you are hunting and when they can be used and for what . Put them in an seperate envalope , label them for the dates or the hunt you are doing .

Combo license , two harvest tags for any season or one season , now gone , it is a one tag per season use , why ? If you decide to purchase the combo license , read the rules pertaining to carring the license or it's a trip to jail .

Antlerless tag once allowed you a harvested doe or buttonbuck in the state , now the state is devided into 4 seperate areas in three zones , each with different rules and regulations reguarding hunting do's and don'ts , each zone has seperate units , each unit has special provisions , confusing ? , You bet !!!!!
As with the combo license there are rules and regulations about purchasing and posessing the licences that can send you to jail also .

To me , if you can leagely purchase any licence from the D.N.R. it should not be illeagle to posess and use that licence .

The Mi.D.N.R. should list the rules and regulations for a spacific area in or under that areas listing , not scattered thru-out the multiple pamplets for hunting that particular animal , deer .
Rules for hunting zone one should be listed under zone one , Rules for zone two under zone two , zone three , the same thing .

A hunter should not have to cross reference hunting rules and regulations between all the pamplets availible , they should all be listed for that area in which that hunt is open to . The Mi.D.N.R. clearley uses the scattered rules and regulations as an attempt to trick the unsuspecting hunter into making a mistake that he is unaware of , thus making him or her either paying a fine , going to jail or both .

Thank you Mi.D.N.R. , you have done your best to ruin hunting and fishing in our state and suceeded . I hope you put yourselves out of business and out on the street , Michigan hunters and fishermen would be better off without you anyway .
I said gransholm was as bad as ingler before she was elected the first time, but no body would listen to me... now look at what we got.

we cant get a decent democrat for next term because she is automaticaly apointed top crat...

I had a canipsion fit when ingler changed our top dnr official from elected to apointed by the governer. I said it was a crock of manure then and I still say it is now....

Its time to go back to electing our top dnr official and restore all the power and duites the office once had.
Make the best with what you have- I for one am not a huge believer in having the people vote for who best represents our wildlife.

I cannot hunt doves in the state, not because biologist have concluded that we'd be devastating or dove population... but because the people got to vote. So, in the meantime.... every state below us will get a shot at them.

Is it Sept 15th yet?
valid point, look at our last five governer elects.

where I usualy look for a bargan when shopping, but this is an area where I deffenantly dont want a "2fer"

having some one who is not qualified to run the state step up and appoint the highest dnr possision, by the way is the highest state police officer.

I would rather see some one work their way up in to the possision though merrit. meaning any one reacing the possision would have learned from the field and have been tested by fire. You hire biologist and ecologist to investigate all areas but you have one person who is qualified to govern over all areas, one who has seen it all if ya know what I mean.

the one problem with being satified with what you have is that there is no desire left to acheive better.

by the way, its good to see ya back, been a while...
that depends on whos window your looking out of...
I look out my window and I see 40 mile of burb in every direction, Ya, I live half way between pontiac and detroit. so in my area is sucks... but things can always be better, and for the first time ever here just last week there was a hen trukey in my back yard with a half dozen chicks... I had to take a break just to watch them, dont know when the next time I will see that ever again...

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