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snow and ice
Anybody know what the snow/ice conditions of the areas of Otter Creek and Forsyth are like? What kind of weather do you think it will be tomorrow (Friday 18th)? Please, if anybody knows, answer.

download the free weatherbug for your computer at [url ""]:[/url]

[url ""][/url]

it has real time weather stations all over utah you can check quickly, just know any zip code within 100 miles of where youre looking for . .

then goto:

[url ""][/url]

[url ""][/url]

to get info . . .

hope this helps . .the weatherbug is great! youll like it . .

otter is ice free. i dont know about snow conditions though. did hear tha tit picked up abit. i hit it right at ice off and it was a Sad display of fishing. compared to last year when i went, which was a riot, im not sure what was different other than the water being considerably lower. good luck if you go.

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