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sturgeon celebration park
i heard a little bit about sturgeon fishing around celebration park. i was wondering if any body had any more information they would like to share about the fishing down there. Thanks
I floated from Swan Falls to Celebration on June 7th the day after all the flash floods. No bass but we pulled over next to a guy that was reeling in his 3rd sturgeon in 2 hours. He let us fight it a bit then brought it in. He was in the first big slow hole below Swan Falls.

I heard about the area by the settlers house producing sturgeon. There were quite a few jetboat anchored up and probing. That hole is a good three miles above Celebration Park.

Lots of bank fisher(peoples) within one mile of Celebration Park. Mostly people drowning worms. A few sturgeon rods.

A friend of mine works for Idaho Power and he talked about a sturgeon survey done not long ago that showed the highest concentration of sturgeon in Idaho is from C.J. Strike to Bliss Dam (aside from the Hells Canyon Stretch).

Its all hearsay. The guy we saw was using fresh crappie cut in half and using the head half and hooking sturgeon. That is my only solid evidence.

Good luck.
thank you[Smile]
The section right below the Con Shea riffle has a deep hole and there might be a gator or two in there. Also downstream fro Celebration by the clay banks there is a good deep hole that might hold a fish or two. Keep in mind the section of river below Swan Falls has no natural recruitment, so any fish you catch are either going to be really old, or recent plants from the CSI pilot hatchery program.

Your best bet would be to fish above Swan Falls or above Strike.

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