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CATFISH CONTEST 2012: boss_hawg89
First 2012 Cattin' Challenge Entry!

Landed this pig tonight on the Green River not too far from town. He ended up being about 30.5 inches long and weighed in at 13 pounds. Not a bad start for the South! CAT ON!!!

[#000080]NOTE: I moved your post to start it's own thread. You can reply to this thread with your next hawg of a cat! [/#000080]
[#000080]Nice one.[/#000080]
NOTE: please lay the ruler on the ground flat, then the fish on top.
Now that's a nice one! Bet those boys up north are gettin' worried now. I was hoping the south would prevail but I surely thought Utah Lake would produce the biggest fish. Nice to know that the Green is a big time producer too. It ain't over yet and I expect to produce a 34 incher any day now.........[Wink]

Again, way to go!
I don't think anyone up north is worried. Lots of fishing left to do, and there are plenty of big cats up this way.
Hola! I haven't posted an entry for a billion years but I've been pretty busy this past month with work and whatnot and haven't really had a chance to get out and get after the kitties. I hit the Green last week with my cousin and little bro and ended up with a couple respectable cats. They measure about 27" and 25".

PS: Can you write you name on your sign please?[/#500000]
nice man!!!!! doing the south good[Wink]

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