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ICEFISHING CONTEST 12/13: CoyoteSpinner
Just a starter post - follow the title pattern, and post your catches, I'll give 'em scores.

I have some waters 'close to home' I keep an eye on, as a barometer if you will, of outside temps and conditions.

[inline "First Ice 2012.jpg"]

[inline "First Ice Hole.jpg"]

[inline PVi1.HazyDaze.jpg]
First ice entry:

Caught at Mantua Res 12/22 - Lennie Bruce is not afraid!


14.5" Rainbow Trout
[inline "CS Rainbow 14.5.jpg"]


8" Bluegill
[inline "CS Bluegill 8.jpg"]

My son's "kid panfish" entry. He had the big perch on the day.

8" Perch Mantua 12/22
Birds Snakes and Aeroplanes!

[inline "DC Perch.jpg"]

First fish on ice for us this season. He wins a prize for that!
[inline "Perch Master DC.jpg"]
Mantua 12-31-12
[/#ff0000]8.5" Perch
Not gonna break any records with this one, but I did put my ruler inside the plastic sleeve to be sure it lays flat and straight.

[inline "CS Perch 8.5.jpg"]
Another entry for the kids contest - my son DC.
14.5" Rainbow Trout
Hyrum Reservoir

[inline "DC 14.5 Rainbow Hryum.jpg"]
Wow - I missed making more entries the whole month of January - yup we call tax month hell month where I come from (work at). Whew. Finally got at least a quick run and nibble. Couple new additions anyway.

I'll add two feet to the runnings please.

Bear River
[/#bf0000]12 " Bass
[inline "CS. Footlong Ice Bass.jpg"]

[/#bf0000]12" Crappie
[inline "CS. Footlong Crappie.jpg"]
Hyrum 3/1/13
Brown Trout 17"

yellow headed, black bodies bucktail jig, tipped with a mousie, ok, two mousies!

[inline "CS 17 Brown.jpg"]
Beautiful brown.
brown are best lookin fish luv them big ol red spots
My fish from the Big Bear, the lake is big, my fish wasn't, but still spanked the skunk.
3/13/13 - wow - that just hit me!
13" Cutthroat Trout - my first Bear Lake fish
[inline "Bear Lake Cutty 13.jpg"]

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