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Fishing Tournament 2014
I am hosting a non-motorized watercraft tournament during 2014 summer time.

There will be a $10 entry fee day of tournament, I am currently working on local shop advertisements and donations for prizes.

So far I have a roster of 4 potential shops looking to do a few donations.

9 people have registered

If you want to be apart of the tournament PM me with:

Your Watercraft Type
Location opinion
And which option of fish from below

Option 1. Bass/Walleye
Option 2. Salmonid (Trout, Salmon, Grayling)
Option 3. Pike/Tiger Muskie
Option 4. Panfish
Option 5. Catfish

Prize options ie Cash, tackle, equipment, etc.

Registration starts November 1st 2013
Registration closes February 28th 2014

Depending on how many people would like to join, would determine total cash prizes.

If you have a shop or "Custom tackle" and would like to help get this rolling, PM me.

I will continue to monitor this thread and start an excel spreadsheet and once we can get 20-49 fishermen or women I will start getting official information out.

It will be a "Total Length" "C.P.R." Contest.
5 Pictures will be submitted per contestant at a station at the end of the day of the tournament.

Multiple winning oppertunities
Total length, Longest fish, etc.

It will be held on a Saturday. Friday scouting will be allowed.

Starts on the Saturday at 7:00 am
Ends on the Saturday at 4:30 pm
Final Call For All Fish Measurements Will Be At 4:00 pm
Great idea. I was gonna try and come up with an open water contest myself.

So is this going to be held at a specific water?
Yes it is. Im thinking Pelican for bass. But that might change depending on the voting.
When you photograph the fish does a certain word or phrase need to be included?
Yes and it will be supplied the morning of the event.
I'd probably be up for a catfish/panfish/trout entry at any central region lake/pond. On a float tube.
Bass, trout, and panfish around central UT.

I will be using my die heart fly rods from shore or on a float tube.
I would love to do Pike at Yuba. Panfish or bass at Mantua would be great too.

I own a Float Tube, Pontoon, and a Kayak.

I feel like maybe you should put the 5 options up as a vote in this thread. You might get more responses of what people want to fish for. Then you can decide where to fish after you have established that.
And maybe think some spin, some bait and some fly. If it is a contest, some will do better with special species. Ex: a little tougher for Walleye or Cat with a fly.
Plus, unmotorized, might want to think specialize bodies of water for tubers as compared to yakers.
I am finally back from training. I was thinking of doing a poll but like FG stated. Specialized techniques would get in the way so I am going to put species in a hat and draw then ask for a place from the competitors.

There are 5 Prizes lined up so far not including cash prizes.

There are 10 contestants entered so far.
[quote bornfishin]

There are 5 Prizes lined up so far not including cash prizes.

There are 10 contestants entered so far.[/quote]

Wow, a 50% chance of winning right now.[laugh]
I would not complicate things with special categories. Luckily you started the process early. When we get through the ice season I will propose to the mods that we create a sticky on the main page to drum up some more contestants.
I was originally just curious to see how many would be interested. And it boomed.

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