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2013-14 Ice Contest
Time to start the 2013-2014 Ice Fishing Challenge. Due to state law we can only have 49 people enter for this type of contest. Registration starts today and will close on December 30th or earlier if full. Entry money will be due by January 28th. Please be on time. Contest starts November 12th. Contest will end April 20 2014. Winners will be announced by April 30.

1. Five dollar entry fee again this year.

2. Must be a registered member of BFT to enter.

3. Points will be awarded by the half inch.

4. Must have a picture with the fish on the ground next to the tape, the BFT logo with your BFT username, or a photo of you (don’t need a photo of yourself).
You must have 2013-2014 on your BFT logo, including your BFT name.
There is printable logo at the bottom of this post that will be added shortly. Pictures of fish in the air next to a tape will not count for points. All pictures must be taken at the lake.

5. Picture should be taken from end of ruler, ruler laid on the ground under/next to fish. Need to be able to see both ends of the tape.

6. Check that your camera’s date is set, photos will be judged as current based on their “creation date” in the file information.

7. Points will be awarded for up to eight fish.

8. Three fish must come from the following list. (Black Crappie, Yellow Perch, Bluegill/Green Sunfish pictures (grouped together), Bullhead Catfish, White Bass)

9. The other five can come from the Native or Nonnative sport fish as classified in the Utah 2012 Fishing Guide. There will be one exception. Burbot will also be allowed to count as one of the five.

10. Cuttbows will be classified as a Cutthroat.

11. Utah public waters only. Reciprocal lakes count as Utah waters.

12. You must post your own fish for it to get credit.
I can help anyone who has problems resizing or posting their photos. Please post your photos in JPEG format. Please do not post large pictures inline. If you want to post some to “tell your story” downsize, but a large entry photo helps confirm accuracy and measure (zoom). Please watch the glare – I need to read the numbers.

13. Posts must include species (common name) of fish, date caught, name of lake, and length of fish.

14. You must post the name of the lake from where you caught the fish. No abbreviations.

If you choose to you may leave the name of one lake out of your posts. All fish from this lake do not need the name of the lake posted. The name of the lake does have to be given to one of the moderators of this board in the form of a PM though.

15. Entries should be posted within 2 weeks of the catch.

16. Anyone harassing another contestant for posting the name of a lake will be disqualified.

17. Anyone attempting to cheat or found cheating will be disqualified.

18. Anyone disqualified forfeits their entry fee.

Entries should be posted within 2 weeks of the catch.


The pool of money collected from the entry fee.

$50 for the largest Black Crappie

Check back for more prizes to come.

Entries can be upgraded.
For Example: If you catch a larger Perch but have one posted already no problem. Post the new perch and your points will be adjusted. You don't get points for both fish but the larger one will be the one counted.

Please check your pictures of fish on the lake if you can. If it's moved and doesn't show the full length of the fish, I'm sorry but I go with what shows up in the picture. Points are based on the photos. No limit on size of photos this year but please don't abuse this. If anyone has reason to contest a photo or entry, please do so via PM to me, do not challenge an entry on the open forum. If you notice any errors of questions about my tracking – again – shoot me a pm.

New Rule: Photos need to be posted to BFT - not links to another site. Photos must include the banner and a clear shot of the ruler to be counted. Take extra pictures to be sure!
Registered members are....................








Worm Caster

[#ff0000][#00ff00]redfrog [/#00ff00]













brooke fish




brookie fish jr.

Count me in! Let me know where to pay.
Count me in bro! Where do we sign up?
[quote Darn0]Count me in! Let me know where to pay.[/quote]
I am trying to figure out Paypal right now. I will also accept checks, etc. in the mail.

[quote TroutMan93]Count me in bro! Where do we sign up?[/quote]

You posted in the right place.
Ya why not $5 won't kill me XD
Count me in, sounds fun! Let me know where to pay
Sign me up! Where do we send the money?
Count me in please.
Thanks for stepping up and getting the 2013 - 2014 Challenge going. Count me in again this year. [cool]
I'm in....Sign me up...where do I send the money? [fishon]
i guess im in also with half a half harted try
I'M IN!!!!
Count me in. I know Yote will want in also.[reply][reply][/reply][/reply]
[quote lavaman]Count me in. I know Yote will want in also.[reply][reply][/reply][/reply][/quote]

Ok I will put CYS in there.

CYS if you change your mind let me know.
Sign me up too! thanks.
I'm in
I want to try my luck this year. Count me in!!
Count me in. Thanks
Count me in as well. Tell me where to pay.


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