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2014 Utah Catfish Challenge: Rules
[center]Utah Cat Fishing Challenge:
North vs the South

[inline "Upsidedown Kitty.jpg"]
Welcome to start of the 2014 Utah Cat Fishing Challenge. This will be the third annual Catfish Challenge. There will be both individual competition, and a team competition. Due to state law we can only have 49 people enter for this type of contest. Registration starts today and will close on May 31st or earlier if full, or later if not. Entries will be counted once payment is received.

Contest opens March 15th and will end September 30th. Winners will be announced by Oct 15th.

[#008000]1. Five dollar entry fee for the contest.
2. Must be a registered member of BFT to enter.
3. Points will be awarded by the half inch. Entries will be based on length measure nose to pinched tail. Weight measures are welcome, but not required, nor will weight count towards points, but may be used for bragging rights.
4. Must have a picture with the fish on the ground next to the tape, the BFT logo and your BFT username. There is printable logo at the bottom of this post. Please lay your catch from one end of the tape, and be sure numbers are clear and visible. Check your pictures. Take extras.
Pictures of fish in the air next to a tape will not count for points. Tape should be laid or stretched flat. All pictures must be taken at the lake or river where caught.
5. You may select to enter as a member of Northern Utah, or Southern Utah (see map). Points will be awarded for up to three cats per individual, and the longest five for an entire team will earn the whole team bragging rights.
6. Boundaries will be drawn at the line on the map. Northern Region: From the Idaho border southward, to include all areas north of Salt Lake City, including the Weber River, Willard Bay, Bear River, and Cutler Marsh. The Southern Region will include Utah Lake, Jordan River, everything south of Salt Lake.
7. The target of the competition will be Channel Catfish, but Bullheads can be entered too. You may submit as many entries as you want (within reason) and the best 3 will count towards your total.
8. You must follow Utah’s Legal guidelines with regards to bait, number of lines, hooks, etc. Fish must be caught with a rod, this competition will not include setlines.
9. Though you are welcome to fish anywhere legal to do so, if you enter as a member of a team, your entries must come from the areas listed for your region, and though you don’t have to divulge any exact location, the name of the water must be shared.
10. You must post your own fish for it to get credit. I can help anyone who has problems resizing or posting their photos. Please post your photos in JPEG format on the BFT forum, rotated portrait. Please be sure the tape-measure can be read clearly in the photo.
11. Posts must include type of fish, date caught, name of lake/river, and length of fish.
12. Anyone harassing another contestant for posting the name of a lake will be disqualified. An entrant is welcome to offer what bait/rig they used, but this is not required, and same harassment rule applies in that regard. Entrants are encouraged to release any fish over 10 lbs, but legal limits are the rule. Again, no harassment of entrants for their posts or personal choices.
13. Anyone found cheating will be disqualified.
14. Anyone disqualified forfeits their entry fee. [/#008000]
[#400080]The team award will win that region Super-Catfish-Bragging-Rights for the next year.
The contest will accept entries caught and posted between Marchl 15th through Sept 30th. There will be a monthly award each month for longest cat.

[#0060bf]Check back for more prizes to come. We hope to have some T-shirts, Tackle, and other goodies.[/#0060bf]
[#0060bf] [/#0060bf]

[#008000]There will be First, Second, and Third place awards based on total score. If you don’t submit an entry, you won’t qualify for prizes, though the “Bragging Rights” go to the whole team. [/#008000]

[#0060bf]BONUS AWARD:[/#0060bf] [#804000] $20 Gift for the Biggest Carp landed. Bow fishing will be allowed this year also. Bonus points for creative dispatch and “release” techniques shared! This ONLY applies to Carp! [/#804000]
Carp will not count towards your total cat points. One carp award at the end of the contest.
Placement based on total points as judged by BFT moderators. Any and all ties for total fish will be broken by the longest fish posted. Also this year’s top winner will have their entry fee next year waved as the defending grand champion.

If you catch a larger Cat than one you posted already, no problem. Post the new fish and your points will be adjusted. Don’t remove your older entries. Prefer you don’t edit your entries after they have been scored. You don't get points for both fish but the larger one will be the one counted. Please don’t go overboard and post 300 fish is all.

[#bf0000]Please [/#bf0000]check your pictures on the lake where you caught the fish if you can. If it moved and doesn't show the full length of the fish I'm sorry but I go with what shows up in the picture. Points are based on the photos. No limit on size of photos this year but please don't abuse this. If you want to add inline pictures, perhaps size those down, but leave a biggun attached for offline zooming by judges.

[#008000]Reply to this post and I'll send you the info of where to send your money and enter you in the contest. Any questions are welcomed too. Paypal is accepted (preferred), or mailed payments. Your entries will not be counted without confirmed payment. BE SURE to make your Paypal a gift, so they do not ding a fee.
Once entries are received, I will list on this post who has entered, and which team they belong to. Then you can add a “reply” with your entries, and I’ll update the opening post with the results. Refer to my “starter” post – and model your title so it’s easier to track.

[center][#008000]Good luck, and have fun out there you Mad-Catters![/#008000][/center]
[#008000] [/#008000]
Here's a sign for printing and use with your photo entries. Remember - it's up to you to PROVE your entry, not for judges to guess. Watch glare, lighting, zoom, angles, shadows, ends of tape - wiggly fish! Ok to have a partner hold the fish while another shoots it (with the camera!).

[inline "2014 BFT CatFish Logo.jpg"]

I know it's not easy. Do your best. I'll do mine. Doesn't matter how good your knots are if you photo is fuzzy [Wink]

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