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2014 Catfish Contest: Entries, Questions, Smacktalk Section
I'd like to keep the Rules post clean, and will add results as things progress. If you are interested in entering, post it here, or send me a PM, specify your payment method preference, and I'll send you the info.

Paypal is preferred for the entry fee (gift payments, include your BFT handle). You can mail in payments as well.

Entry monies will go towards prize awards, and shipping costs. If anyone is willing to donate, or drum up donations from a local business - always welcome! To me - it's not about the prizes, but the fun of friendly competition, and another excuse to get out there and target some fun sport fish.

Big shout out to Boatloadakids for his top winnings last year. Expect to see more of the same, a real competitor, and a fine gentleman!

[inline "36 inch cat first pic.jpg"]
Just a reminder - the new Catch and Release Utah record catfish came out of Cutler Reservoir last year. It was not a contest entry, but - it came from the north. Just saying...

THIS is what I'll be looking for this year:
[inline "Catfish Kid.jpg"]

[inline catfish2.JPG]

Boatloadakids (last year's top score)
CoyoteSpinner -I gotta keep trying, as least top Lavaman!
John K. will be competing this year in the contest.
I will be competing as well
Hooo boy! Here we go again. Gonna be fun. I'm in for sure. CatCarsen wants in again, and his twin brother, and his older brother. The southern forces will be formidable this year so expect to mercy.

That c&r record caught last year is sure a pig. Man... I'd really like to tangle with one like that. I'm sure there are even bigger ones out there that claim residency in both the north and the south. We just gotta go get 'em!

I'll shoot you and email to get your address again to get all my crew members signed up. I'm good for some prizes too... just gotta decide on what and how.

Good luck to all and let's have fun![smile]

Count me in kiddo! PM me K!
Smiles Always!
Just a note - please post a starter thread, then do a reply to yourself for subsequent entries. It'll keep it more organized, and easier for me, which means easier for YOU too!

I can move things around, but I think it's best if you can all post your own pictures, or at least start your own thread, then if you need help getting pictures loaded, just let me know.
Would like to enter cat contest-- Thanks, prefer pay pal.
I know things are slow up here but I would of expected something from the south by now....
Hey, I want to join the Catfish contest! what do I need to do. I read the rules and am trying to reply to your post. Where do I send $? Is it full or is there still room to enter?

I am also interested in participating! Pay pal works great.
I'd love to get in on this. Sounds like fun.[Wink] Please send me info.

I would be south btw
I'm gonna unstick this post, so the contest board isn't so cluttered, but feel free to BUMP if you have something to talk about.

if anyone would prefer I keep it as a sticky, say the word.
Dude you think you can catch a big fish? Hope you can cuzz I know you're on the north side. Hey welcome to the forum. Just went up to the spot you fell in the creek on scout camp last night. Waters high and Riley but we had a couple strikes. Good to have ya on line Chaz. Later Jeff

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