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2014 Utah Catfish Challenge: Entrants Standings
And so it begins. The North strikes first, is that because the south warms up sooner? Hmmm.
A 25 and 27 incher to start. Not bad.

Here's who's on board so far. Plenty of slots open. Just shoot me a PM if you want in, specify your team, I'll respond with payment plans. If you need snail-mail just say.

Probably about time I drafted up a graph for the overall standings. See what I could do, and ya'll can check my maths.


[#0000bf]CoyoteSpinner* 30, 26, 25.5 (25 Carp)
Setthehook* 27
yellowbellyking* 25, 22, 21
Fishinhockey*! 26, 26, 25
LavaMan* 27, 25, 24.5 (25.5 carp)
SkunkedAgain* [/#0000bf][#0000bf][#0000bf]27.5, 27, 25 (25 carp)[/#0000bf]
[/#0000bf][#0000bf]gmwahl* 32, 30, 29
Tin-Can* 22, 21, 20.5 [/#0000bf][#0000bf][#0000bf](24 Carp)[/#0000bf]
markfisher* 28. 26, 22.5
catmaster23* 27, 27, 27
hogstalker* 31, 28, 26.5[/#0000bf][#0000bf]
[/#0000bf] [#0000bf]fishn4eyes [/#0000bf]
Fish2Hunt Jr

[/#0000bf][#0000bf][/#0000bf][#800000]South [/#800000]

[#800000]Boatloadakids*!! 30, 29, 28
CatCarsen*!!! 28.5, 27, 26 (27 carp)
Catnipper* 27, 27, 24 (26 carp)
[/#800000][#800000][#800000]Catfishkraut* 22, 23, 30
Rainbow_ Rit*
Undetermined team

[#0000bf](! current state C&R record holder) [/#0000bf]
[#800000](!! top scorer for 2013) [/#800000]
[#800000](!!! kid contest winner 2013) [/#800000]
[center]Charts of the standings as of 7-12-14.
Current team lead is held by the North with a total of 146.5 vs 142 for the South.
Individual lead is held by "gmwahl (N)" followed by "Boatloadakids (S)" with "CoyoteSpinner (N)" holding onto third. "gmwahl" also has the honor of largest catfish measuring a worthy 32" tail to whisker.

While the team totals for top-5 are remarkably close, I guess it's a good thing for the south we don't measure against the grand total points per team. [shocked]

If anyone notices anything I've missed, or mis-measured, DO please let me know.
If you've sent a payment and I don't have you marked with an " * " - also let me know. If you still want to enter, or make a payment - um, yeah - let me know.

Hope you're all having fun, I think it's fair to say we are into the dog days of summer, but that doesn't mean there ain't more cat-action to be had!

[inline "Standing North 7_12_14.jpg"]
[inline "Standing South 7_12_14.jpg"]

[inline "Standings Overall 7_12_14.jpg"]
Hey Yote, you gonna validate and score the last few cats posted by CatCarson, Catnipper, and me ?
"OCD = Obsessive Catfish Disorder "
    Or so it says on my license plate holder
Yeah yeah - and Hogstalker! Usually try to get in at least once a week for updates, but I slacked, the catching seemed to have dropped off, or maybe it was just me and my Koke addiction getting in the way!

I've updated the entries, but not the graphs and charts. Someone show me another 30, and I'll be highly motivated!
Updated standings as of 9_1

NOTE: This is the last month of the contest. Next year we can look at extending longer if there is interest, but entries must be caught and documented by Tuesday 9/30. We'll allow a few extra days for all submissions to be posted. So by the end of Friday 10/3 have all your posts up, or at least ping me a pm if you need till the end of that weekend.

Despite some strong recent entries, the North still holds a marginal lead. Too bad the recent 25lber wasn't a contest entry. I mean too bad for the North (BLK is probably sobbing tears of joy in his hot cocoa about now!)

[inline "Standings Overall Chart 9_1_14.jpg"]

[inline "Standings Overall 9_1_14.jpg"]
All good things must come to an end, and here we have the final results of the 2014 Utah Catfish contest. It's been a hard fought battle with some serious contenders, lots of good ribbing and smack talk, and some well deserved fine catches to share.
Again, I'm honored to have the opportunity to host the contest, and have such a fine group of sportsman anglers to share the joy of catfishing with. The carp contest also I think went well, with the addition of bow-fishing to the arsenal. You folks are all great sports and make it really worth putting in the effort to make it happen.

That said, once AGAIN the North has pulled off a dominating win, even with some serious Southern entries creeping in late in the event to close things up.
North 152.0 South 147.5 Less that 5 inches to the spread.

We have gmwahl taking the grand lead with his two over 30 entries, and Boatloadofkids right on his heals, also with two into the 30-inch club. Boatload also walks away with the biggest carp catch. As well as his possey of young anglers, I might have to ask ages, but Catcarson again comes away with the biggest kid-catcher in the bunch.

We had a lot more folks sign up than actually entered or posted entries, but that's how it goes. To those of you that were active and competitive, you make it fun to oversea, and again, my gratitude and thanks.

I'll contact the winners to coordinate sending off prizes.
So - here's the final charts. Well done to all. Look forward to next spring. We'll surely be back at it.
[inline "Standings Overall Chart Final.jpg"]

[inline "Standings Overall Graph Final.jpg"]
Do double check your entries. I think I caught the last submissions, but if you notice anything missing or mis-scored, just let me know. Well done one and all!

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