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2014 Utah Fly Fishing Contest
Time to start the second Utah Fly Fishing Contest. Due to state law we can only have 49 people enter for this type of contest. Registration starts today May 1st and will close on June 1st 2014 or earlier if full. Please be on time. Contest starts MAY 1ST 2014. Contest will end OCTOBER 1ST 2014. Winners will be announced by October 15th. Entry Fee is due within 3 weeks of registering in the contest.

1. There will be an entry fee this year. The entry fee will be in the form of a single fly. It can be a 50 cent fly, a hand tied fly, your favorite fly, etc.

If you have chosen to donate an item to the contest you will not need to send in a fly for the entry fee payment. After you have registered (see post below) I will send you a PM with instructions on how and where to send them.

2. Only entries of fish caught on a fly rod, fly reel, and
flies will be considered as entries. No "fly and bubbles", lures, jigs, etc. (you should be able to find your flies in the fly section of your fish shop.)

3. Absolutely no baits or scents allowed.

4. Must be a registered member of BFT to enter.

5. Points will be awarded by the half inch.

6. Fish Boards will be allowed this year. You must have a picture with the fish on the ground next to the tape with the contest word. It can be on a piece if paper or the sand but IT MUST BE CLEARLY WRITTEN!
If the fish is caught on a pontoon or float tube you may use your apron to hold the fish but the apron must be straight. As for the measuring process your measuring tape must be straight with no kinks.
The contest word must be clearly visible on a piece of paper (which can be inside a plastic bag if needed.)

The Contest word is "PMD".

7. Pictures of fish in the air next to a tape will not count. All pictures must be taken at the lake or river.

8. Picture should be taken from end of ruler, ruler laid on the ground under/next to fish. Need to be able to see both ends of the tape.

9. Check that your camera’s date is set, photos will be judged as current based on their “creation date” in the file information.

10. Points will be awarded for up to six fish.

11. Only 1 fish entry may be a non-game/non-sport fish.

12. One fish must come from the following list. (Black Crappie, Yellow Perch, Bluegill/Green Sunfish pictures (grouped together), White Bass)

13. Two Fish must be a trout species.

14. Catfish entries will not be accepted this year.

15. The other 3 fish may be any native or non-native sportfish (no catfish entries will be accepted).

16. Utah public waters only. Reciprocal lakes count as Utah waters.

17. Rivers must be in Utah only and fish cannot be caught on Private Sections of any river.

18. You must post your own fish for it to get credit.
I can help anyone who has problems resizing or posting their photos. Please post your photos in JPEG format. Please do not post large pictures inline. If you want to post some to “tell your story” downsize, but a large entry photo helps confirm accuracy and measure (zoom). Please watch the glare – I need to read the numbers.

19. Posts must include species (common name) of fish, date caught, and length of fish.

20. You do not need to post the name of the lake from where you caught the fish.

21. Anyone harassing another contestant for posting the name of a lake will be disqualified.

22. Anyone found cheating will be disqualified.

Contest Prizes:

1st place winner

* The pool of flies collected from the entry fee.

* A Loon Chest Pack

* One REXFLY's casting system
[url ""][/url]

* 2 fly rod tubes (a 2 piece and 4 piece)

* 2 waterproof fly boxes with a few flies in them.

* 1 fly box with 4 hand tied favorite flies included.

2nd palce winner

* Head water chest pack

For the largest trout

* Small fly box from allen fly fishing with a few flies included.

For the largest Splake

* 1 large fly box

For the largest panfish

* 1 small fly box

Check back for more prizes to come.

Entries should be posted within 2 weeks of the catch.

Entries can be upgraded.
For Example: If you catch a larger Perch but have one posted already no problem. Post the new perch and your points will be adjusted. You don't get points for both fish but the larger one will be the one counted.

Please check your pictures of fish on the lake if you can. If it's moved and doesn't show the full length of the fish, I'm sorry but I go with what shows up in the picture. Points are based on the photos. No limit on size of photos this year but please don't abuse this. If anyone has reason to contest a photo or entry, please do so via PM to me, do not challenge an entry on the open forum. If you notice any errors of questions about my tracking – again – shoot me a pm.

New Rule: Photos need to be posted to BFT - not links to another site. Photos must include the contest word and a clear shot of the ruler to be counted. Take extra pictures to be sure of getting one that shows clear evidence of your catch and the contest word "PMD"!
This is the registration list for the 2014 BFT Utah Fly Fishing Contest.

Your username will appear [#ff0000]red[/#ff0000] until I have received your entry fee. After I have collected your entry fee I will turn your username [#00ff00]green[/#00ff00]. [#ff0000]
[#00ff00]remo 50[/#00ff00][/#ff0000]

[#00ff00]TroutMan93 [/#00ff00][#000000][/#000000]

[#00ff00]ddmoogs[/#00ff00] [#ff0000]



Im in I will send you a small fly box from allen fly fishing with a few of my favorite flies included, when do you need it by.
[quote STEVEF39]Im in I will send you a small fly box from allen fly fishing with a few of my favorite flies included, when do you need it by.[/quote]

Within 3 weeks.

Send me a PM with the exact details of what you are donating and I will update the prize section accordingly. Thank you very much for the donation to this years contest.
Im all in! My favorite fly will be surrendered to the winner....unless of course its me.[cool]

[Image: happy.gif]And should the winner not be me......I will donate a vast assortment of powerbaits that have been sitting in my garage for the last 3 years[Image: happy.gif]
I am in..,,PM me info on how to get you the tubes.
Please sign me up. I will also donate a small flybox, with a few hand tied stocked inside.
I'm in too. With more time off this year hopefully I'll get out more.
Sign me up, let me know how to get you the fly boxes.
Im in, let know how to donate some flies to the cause
Sign me up please. Ill get you the boxes.
I'm in! I'll send you some flies or some other prize. Thanks
ill try again this year, ill give some stuff to time i fish with him.
This makes me so happy I could just pee.
ill play. ill send a few flies your way.
Same place i sent the 5$ for the ice contest???
I would like to join again. Where do i send the fly?

I'm in. I'll donate a fly.
Please sign me up. Let me know where to send my donation! Thanks.
BFT July ice rod fish off is soon coming to a close,but you still have some time![laugh]
Un-stuck the thread. Thanks to all of those who participated.

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