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2014 Catfish contest - markfisher
26 inch cat from cutler

My apologies, I neglected to score and count your cat in my latest tally. Please state the date of your catch. But I'll toss up your points anywho.
Also - see you added a second entry. Please just reply to your first post, keep a single thread for your contest entries, keeps the board tidier, easier to track. But good going!

26 pnts
26 inch from cutler caught on 8/2/14

28 inch cat caught on the weber 8/10/14
Ok, so we got ya at one 26 and one 28. You're on the board! Look forward to your third, bound to be a doozy!

28 pnts

PS: I removed your 'other' post to keep it consolidated. Thanks.
23 inch cat from the Clinton pond
[#BF0000]note the date of catch please.[/#BF0000]

Hate to do it, it's a nice fish, but I'm not quite getting 23 out of the picture. Maybe with a good tailpinch, but the nose seems to be sitting at a good 22.5, but not quite as much as 23.

22.5 pnts
30 inch carp caught out of the weber river on 8/31/14. Sorry about the crappie photo. It was dark and on my phone

[#005000]Hate do do this, but I can't hardly get any tape measure out of your pic, and the tail disappears into darkness.
A 30inch carp would put you atop the carp-heap. Bet it put up a good fight.
Caught on 8/23/14. At the Clinton pond. That carp put up a great fight. I thought it was a huge cat. It was caught on a hot dog. Imagine my disappointment

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