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3 deer so far this year
Hunting has been tough this year .
The first part of bow season , zip,zero,nadda !
Rifle season , one 6-1/2 year old doe and a 6 point with a really small rack.
Black powder , filled a state land antler-less tag.
Pic #4 , that's the closest I came to getting a 18 point buck (15 points with 3 kicker brow tines) . He's a sneaky guy, keeps coming in behind me despite changing my location several times.
Sounds like you had a good season last year, how many deer can you get in one year in your state? Here in Ut we can only hunt with one method, archery, muzzle loader or rifle, unless your in the dedicated hunter program but even then, you can only shoot one buck. Some areas of the state offer additional permits for doe deer, if their numbers get too high. Hope this is a good year for you, any luck so far?

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