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2015 Catfish Challenge CoyoteSpinner
Getting tired of watching else catching all these fine cats, so had to make up for that, at least a little. Gets me on the boards, but I've got a long way to go.
[inline "Yotes 8inch MudBuddy - 400.jpg"]

Cutler May 3rd

First fish on the Bite-n-Run reel, chowed on my fresh carp minnow. Not a record breaker, but a decent start at 25.
I had a 18" Cookie cutter, and a CHUNKY 8" Mudcat. Hey - it gives me three! haha.
Maybe should have a special consideration for biggest mudcat?

TDT - Judged the catfish accordingly....
25 inches
18 inches
8 inches

[font "Tahoma"][#ff0000][size 4]Hey Yote looks like these hadn't been verified either so 18" is good, 25" has a leaf over the tip, but it can be projected that the measurement is accurate. So 18 and 25 the 8" has been OBE... Later J[/size][/#ff0000][/font]
Not bad Yote, took me a long time to get my 25's on the board. Nice first outing. Later J
Nice muddier. I'll beat ya on the smallest fish tomorrow ok?
If you ever wonder how big a bait is TOO big? Well, consider this. The 25inch cat I caught had a bigger mudder in it's belly that the one I pictured.

[inline "MudBelly - 400.jpg"]

Drove past your place Jeff, but had neglected to put stickers in my car! I know I meant to!

So we ought to look at making you an official scorer at least for the contest. You're been more attentive to the board than I have! I might wanna keep tabs on the "official score card" cuz I'm like that. But maybe we should share spreadsheets!
John, will do and the official scores would be great! I have a hard time keeping up with all the changes sometimes and I'm afraid I'll miss some. Especially when there are other comments in the posts. If you want to PM an email address I'll send Ya a copy of my spreadsheet. Or vice versa you can send me updates and I'll post them. I'll PM my contact info. Later J
Dang Pisco that's a keeper, biggest fish of the year so far, okay couple rules you need to fill... First start a post on the contest board the subject should be "2015 Catfish Contest Piscophilic".... Then make an entry that states the date caught, the body of water where caught, and the length you measured the fish at. Then enter pictures that will verify the length of the fish... BTW I think you did a great job on your photos way to go great fish..... Dang maybe a wake up for BLK.... I'll run an unofficial update shortly this one needs to be out there... Nice job.. J

I see Pisco followed your guidance and got his post up. So I deleted it here, but I'll leave your instructions, since you're such a gall darn helpful kinda guy! Tanx
Sunday Sunday Sunday last day of may. HAD to get out for a bit, and good thing. Pup had a sloppy wet time, and got to chase some fish!

Pulled in a half dozen cats in a couple hours. Bite-n-Run got to do it's job a few times. Not breaking any records, but a decent bump. Biggest of a short trip was a 25.5 inch male.

May 31st, Cutler Damn! Had a nice juicy 26 inch carp earlier that day, but didn't take the time to strip it.
Pardon all the splotches, had 'em packed on ice before I got my snaps.

[#ff0000]Well Yote as my first official act as the back up Mod on the contest board, it looks to me like your 25.5" length is good, however, you could tilt the tape closer to the nose to make it easier to verify..JK... Glad you made it out... Later J [/#ff0000]

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