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2015 Catfish Challenge leakypontoon
Finally got out to UL (the weather has been rough for us weekend fishermen). This fish wont hold up but I wanted to get my thread started and practice getting decent pictures. I have attached three pictures, but they are of the SAME FISH so only one score. I probably took ten pictures of this same fish and it looked anywhere from 22" to 24" depending on how the tape was positioned. The fish was 23 3/4" long but the best I could show in a picture was 23 1/2" and frankly looking at the end result, I wont be offended at all by a 23" score. Take lots of pictures gentlemen, it takes practice.

[#005000]Welcome aboard the cat-board. Nice "natural" bump board there! Yeah it's tricky, especially when they're flippy! Feel like I should put a big rock on their tail, but then they'd probably flip it up in my face and break my camera when I was snapping a shot! Glad you're not claiming three of them! Wink

Couple notes to consider.
1. Should see the sign
2. Tape should be on the ground below the fish, not on top. I like the solid tapes, because a flexy tape can be stretched across a fish adding inches. Following the curves, ya know.
3. Parallax. [/#005000]

[#005000]23.5 pnts[/#005000]
Hey its a start. I hope to get back down there this next week with the family. They need to start on the cats as well.
I can see 23 1/2 plus a bit. Nice fish. Know what ya mean about it being hard to get a good shot of them. I take at least half dozen shots of every entry fish then go with the best one.

And, I have found that if you have a third hand and have someone press down on the dorsal fin of the cat you can get another half inch out of 'im. This only works on southern cats.

Keep 'em comin'!
Thanks for the tip BLK! If anyone knows how to stretch a southern catfish, it's you!
Take heart my "dog days of summer" catfishers, there are still fish to be caught. This one was caught 07-03-15 at The Knolls (west side of Utah Lake) on a good sized chunk of carp meat at about 10:00 A.M.. I'm thinking 28" or 28.25" and the three pictures are of the same fish. BTW, I was planning to make a bump board, but saw this ruler at Scheel's for 20% off of $19.99 and since it was 35" long, I couldn't pass it up. I guess when I catch a 36" fish, I'll have to get my tape out again.

[#005000]That's a nice dog there, I mean cat! Whatever it is it's a chunker.
So the same fish caught three times, or photographed three times from the one catch? (I'm joking!)

Well give ya 28pnts
Nice cat! Looks like he has had a torrid love life with all those love scars. It's been a while since an entry has been posted in the contest so it is good to see another southern cat entered.

Keep 'em comin'.

Snuck out for a morning at Utah Lake (the Knolls) and caught a handfull. Only one worth a measurement though. Now that my dance card is full, I'll be ready to start culling when the weather cools.

Should be an easy 25" (awful close to 25.5")caught on Utah Lake on 08-22-15.
25.5 pnts
Good nudge up for ya. Nice fish.
I did a little fishing at Utah Lake (The Knolls again) over labor day weekend. The fishing was slowish but I did manage a few. Unfortunately I lost one a couple inches bigger than this trying to put him in my basket tail first (note to self...put them in head first) and I had another just rip drag for 5 seconds before returning my hook to me via airmail. This one will help though just not as much as the bigger one would have. Still hoping to catch one big enough to make Team South's top ten!

Utah Lake, 26" fish caught on 09/07/15 (two pictures of the same fish because it's kind of a tradition now).

[#005000]That works. That'll bump your 23.5 right off the board.
26 pnts
Hey LeakyP, Got you for 26".... Updated the spreadsheet, but since it doesn't move your position will wait to publish the update until next time... by the way your 79.5 points now and .5 behind me... Nice job, it sounded like a great trip.... Later J

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