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2015 Catfish Challenge Ice_sled (unofficial)
Fished Lincoln Beach today 7/15/15 and caught this bumper kitty. Fishing was slower than in the last few weeks. Managed to catch 7, but this was the largest. 26 inches.
Nice cat, and move up the charts... BTW I really like that bump board, nice job... Later J
Please post a single thread, and put ALL your entries on the one thread - reply to yourself to add a new one.

If you would, repost this to your single original threat on the contest. It's TOO impossible to track if you post a new entry for each fish.

Look at some of the other entrants for examples.

This Kitty was caught at Lincoln Beach on 10/09/15. It should bump me up. 27-27.5 inches, Moderators make the call.

Hope it is here now!
Argh Matey - you're doing it again!

Single Thread!!!

Add your post to THIS thread where I scored the others for it to count.

[url ";forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;page=unread#unread"]ICE SLED Entries[/url]

Seems like the photos I thought I had attached are not there. I'll check on that.

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