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Here kitty kitty kitty
All this warm weather has got me thinking it's almost cat time. Any word on the cat contest this year?
Don't get all to excited were still going to be getting some heavy wet winter storms soon [Wink]
Days are getting longer and warmer
Hey Kevin, been looking at the rules as Yote put them together. Tried to contact him through the site with no response, guess I'll have to call him to see if he's still interested in running the contest, if not I'll try to fill in in his place. Seeing TD pulling in a nice batch of cats lets me know it's time to get things set up and ready to roll. I think the monthly prize thing is a little hard to administer and so we may tweek the rules a bit for this year, I need to see what prizes we can come up with and we'll go from there I guess. Anyway coming soon the 2016 big cat contest. Later J
I'm not dead yet. I'm feeling betta. Fink I'll go fo a walk...

Always gotta have some early bird with the itchy whiskers....
It's March. If we wanna start lining up entries for an April GO - probably better get moving.

If anyone has more input on "ruleses" - bring it on!
Jeff is right - the monthly prize didn't pan. Used to get the Wavefishing codes, but folks didn't seem real thrilled.

Do we need to go to end of Oct? Seemed like things got quiet. End of Sept?

Jeff is gonna make sure we have (1) a floatilla (2) an awards dinner. Because he's just that kinda guy. Maybe we can have a BBQ, bring some smoked goods.
About time you showed back up again yote.... Where you been hanging out at?
If I get some spare time today I'll try and post a set of rules for a couple day comment period then we'll lock them in. I think April 1st ought to work for the start of entries if you have registered. What sounds fair for a close of registering May 15? But have to be registered before you can enter a fish so if you weren't planning on entering but fate dealt you a 36" fish you can't suddenly decide to play to take advantage of that fish. Does that sound fair? As far as end dates go we did have a few October cats, but there weren't many. I could go for an earlier end if others were okay with that. Sept 30 last day to catch a contest fish and all postings on line by 3 October. Sounds fun, at this point BLK has a free entry as returning champion and we'll see who ever else wants to play. Anyway nice to see ya return John and hope you have time to fish a little more often now. Later J
Just that darned life getting in the way of my fishing.
Gotta fix that!

I kinda like leaving registration open. As long at we're not over the state limit, but making it "two" contests like last year helped with that too.
But the old rules - you gotta have a BFT contest banner in your pic, so you kinda gotta plan to enter to count.

Here's a link to last year's rules:
[url ";forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;page=unread#unread"]BET 2015 Catfish Contest Rules[/url]
Thanks John, that open entry until filled works good for me with the option of splitting into a north and south contest. Only problem was it was a little weird for awarding prizes. Let me think on how we can do that and as long as we post that ahead we should be okay.

One real out of the box idea I've been kicking around is what if we did away with the entry fee and only awarded prizes from our supporting sponsors? I think we can find enough businesses that would provide some prizes that we can do this without an entry fee. This way everyone could enter and it helps reduce the pressure on the financially challenged. What do you think? Also makes administration less taxing.

Sorry I'm so slow getting some rules for this year out, been getting my share of too busy lately. Plus I can't do it on my phone I need some computer time. Anyway it's about time to start chasing kitties. Later J
When Tye Dye Twin took over the ice contest, and ran a fly-contest they went without an entry. Also left off the notion of requiring a placard. You could scratch a word in the mud (or snow) at it was enough.

In MY experience, I feel like the (very small!) fee helps people commit. Sorts out the wheat from the chaff if you will.
Even at that, there are often people who enter, but never post an entry. You're much better at drumming up donations than I ever was. I had shipping costs to address with the awards, too.

I just found the fee and placard kinda helped folks make a commitment. And I rarely knocked a post for the sign not being readable. Guess I considered it good promotion for the site as well.

But if you're running with it, and sounds like you are, you can do it as you please.

But if you need it - here's a sign.
Be glad to help with entries, scoring, etc.
[inline "2016 BFT CatFish Logo.jpg"]
Hey John, yah I seen a hassle dealing with the money and I also know some folks that even five bucks is a tax on their budget so I figured we'd try it this way. I've been wrong before and will be again. Anyway if you don't mind, I really could use a back up and certifier helper. If you don't mind I'd love to have the help. For sure need someone to check my numbers to verify my fish. Could also use the help any where you have time to help and join in. If you can, we'd love to have ya join the northern night catter flotilla. Seems like you were the original thought broker of that idea. Not sure when but hope to have a team cat battle. More later J

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