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i need some advice ...
O.K. , toss me a fricken' bone on this , what did I do wrong ?
It was my pal's Birthday . I tried baking someone Birthday cookies and then thought , screw em', these cookies are too good to give away , so I ate the cookies and felt a whole lot better that I didn't contribute to my friends ever growing weight problem.
Thought about getting a Birthday card at the drugstore , spent a hour looking for the right one , put it in the buggy , got up to the express line and seen the price when it rang up . $8.99 ???
Oh heck no ! A trip to the post office and a stamp , would just jack that price up to $10.00 . Besides it's not like I wrote the cheesy thing. I hear a more personal type of gift is most preferred for Birthdays .
I decided to give a gift from the heart , went fishing Saturday night and after quite a few hours of serious fishing got a big ol' hum dinger of a fish.
I thought it would be a nice surprise if I put it in the mail box , kinda like those mail order meals only mine would be fresher .
My friend calls me up on Monday just a screaming all kinds of vulgarities at me, is it my fault they didn't check the mail on Sunday ?
I know , y'all would think with em' being all ungrateful because they didn't get to enjoy a fresh fish dinner on me that I should cut my losses .
Nope, I made it up to em' . The next Friday night I caught a mess of fish and gave it to em' as an apology , only this time I tossed them in their car so they will find them a whole lot sooner .
Anyway my bud must have got them and liked them a whole bunch . He called today to say that come this Monday he's getting a restraining order for me . I told him that wasn't necessary to order me anything because I have enough tie-down straps and bungee cords to last awhile and if he meant those kinky restrains I wasn't interested in taking our friendship into that kind of thing .
He just screamed and hung up the phone .
So there is my dilemma , what did I do wrong ?
What did you do wrong, getting him anything!!
I've read a few of these post, you made on this board, its hard for me to tell if you are kidding or if they are real events but for me, I never get my friends anything for their birthdays. Maybe it was the way I was brought up but birthdays were never anything special to me and as I get older they are less an less important. Now my Wife of course thinks different and always sends the kids money on their Bday and likes to call them up but since they never return the favor, if it were me, I'd be happy not to bother.

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