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Ririe Never Disappoints
Since no one has posted anything lately, I thought I'd just see if anyone has been up to Ririe lately to see if the Koks have started coming back to Juniper ramp yet? Just wondering as I thought maybe if i get a chance I'd take a run up there to see some color and show my wife. Thanks.
So this morning, a fishing story from East Idaho News poped up on my phone about fishing on Ririe in August. Before I read it and deleted it, like i did the other day on a story from EIN on a salvage order I read on Foster, I copied that link.  I thought many readers, members or not, would enjoy this. Its a pretty decent article.

Whats interesting on this article, like the one on Foster I couldnt find, I looked at EIN and searched for it and it never did pop up so I dont know what going on, but, the article is promoted by EIN. Go figure.
Nice, that's some great information there.

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