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2020 Cat Fish Contest Skunked Again
(04-11-2020, 12:05 PM)Cowboypirate Wrote: Looks like you found a hole that had a bigger one.

Actually same spot, different night, with different fish swimming by....  First two were 22 & 23" so I thought it was the small fish night... I got lucky and this big ole bull male came through... Photo's didn't really show it very well, but it was a tank of a fish... I couldn't even start to reach my hand around it's back, they would have been some hugh fillets off each side if I didn't let all my cats go... Wish I would have had my scale, I think this one would have been close to ten pounds or so... I need to take the scale so I know what these fish run, it was a good one anyway... Hope I get to find one bigger next time.... Terrible to be greedy isn't it... I just know my window is narrowing quickly before my fishing will be shut off for farming... Right now I have to sneak out for the last hour of light after work and before I can't see anymore, fish aren't really on a night time bite for me yet, so I need to catch them while the sun is shining... so I'm not getting much fishing time in... just hoping for luck mostly... Later J
When things get stressful think I'll go fish'en and worry about it tomorrow!

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