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Catfish Contest 2014 BLK

Maybe we need to plan a fish-fry to help ease our "sufferings". If we brought a hoard of Citronella, might "enjoy" sitting in the shade somewhere. Maybe we can talk Jeff into letting us park it at his folks shoreline? I could actually motor my own for a change!

I've been having a Koke problem lately. But I'll take care of that tonight by having a big Smoke-Out!

So - if I read things right - all the southern cats have slimed YOUR boat BLK. Alas, though you stand in a solid second place, the South still trails the North by a few tails and whiskers. Where's the REST of your team inquiring minds wanna know?

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Catfish Contest 2014 BLK - by Boatloadakids - 05-01-2014, 07:23 PM
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