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Catfish Contest 2014 BLK
Wow, first bump since mid-August.... Got this 30 inch cat today along with a 28 inch carp. The big cats are starting to move.

The carp were everywhere today and I saw a couple that looked like they were over three feet long. Don't know what has them moving the way they are but, hey, I'll fling an arrow at 'em. Water temp today was 71 degrees... maybe that is what has the carp so active.

The 30 in. cat should bump my 28 incher.... feel anything creeping up on you gmwahl??

Yote, gmwahl.... you guys need to get out after 'em again. Hope you can get out again when you get back from Washington. I tell ya, the best is yet to come. Go get 'em! [cool][cool]

Ok, 28 on the carp, you got it. And that's a nice cat sir, another for the 30+ club! (about time, eh?)
That'll give you the #1 for carp sir.
And another fine cat you've gotten into!

30pnts, and 28 carp.

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