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Catfish Contest 2014 BLK
Thanks for the tips and bait offer, wish I could take you up on it, but I suspect it would be pretty illegal to use the WB on Cutler. I'm going to get my casting net out and see if I can find some carp lets. Probably Cutlers equivalent. I think I'm almost done farming for the year so maybe I can get out in the daytime for a change. The night time kitties up here have really shut down, been doing better once the sun gets up a bit. Got some family coming up this weekend that like to fish, so I think I'll get some time on the water hope I can at least give Yote a challenge for a position. I could find a 28"er its possible. Now 2 at 32" that's a little bit of a stretch. You and Mike are so far ahead its really impressive. Good luck and happy hunting the hogs. Later J

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