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  Willard...not so hot 6-6-24
Posted by: TubeDude - 06-07-2024, 11:23 AM - Forum: Utah Fishing General - Replies (8)

   Launched at the south marina about 7:30 am.  Air temps 65…warming to over 80 by noon departure.  Water temps went from 65 to 68.  Forecast was for a hot day…for weather if not fishing.  First trip this year I tubed without waders.  Felt good.
[Image: WILLARD-LAUNCH-6-6-24.jpg]

Lots of boats out of the south marina.  But almost all of them headed for the west side...where there is increasing success on walleyes and other species.  My main motor (40# thrust electric) won't get me over there so I am restricted to fishing within electric motor range. But...when I can find fish I usually do just fine, thank ya.           

Started out fishing an area I scored quite a few walleyes out of the south marina about this time last year.  Depth was 24 feet…a couple of feet deeper than last year.  I was seeing very little on sonar and less on the end of my line.  Worked a lot of water…changing up lures, baits, depths, speeds, etc.  In fishing for over 2 hours in the deeper water…where everybody else seems to be doing best…all I got was a couple of wee wipers.

Had to be off the water by noon for a commitment in early afternoon back in Salt Lake.  Worked the last hour and a half in shallower water…18 – 20 feet.  Ya cain’t ketch ‘em where they ain’t.  They wasn’t in most water I fished out of the south marina but I did manage to find one small zone with some fishy marks on the screen…and a few “yawned” as my lures went by.

I had gone through a variety of bottom bouncer setups…and had also pulled some cranks.  Other than the aforementioned kamikaze wiperettes I got no love.  When I went shallower I brought out some “hybrid lure” crawler rigs that had scored some fish for me last year.  These were old “Hot Shot” diving plugs I had acquired about 50 years ago…for fishing steelhead on northern California rivers.  I repainted them in my fave walleye colors and found that all species in Willard thought they were dandy last year.  Took off the single treble hook rigged in the lower middle of the lures and added a “drop back” 2-hook crawler rig.

These little plugs dive several feet naturally, but I usually add a ¼ oz. weight about 4’ up the line to help them get more depth.  When slow trolled at about 1 to 1.5 mph...with the right amount of line for the water depth…they ride just above the bottom.  It usually takes a bit of experimenting and changing up during each run to get  it right.  And they have a good “come hither” side to side wobble that moves the trailing crawler rig enticingly. 

I used two different color patterns.  The normally killer fire tiger got only a few more “baby wipes”.  But the chartreuse with three red spots caught a couple of cats and a walleye before I had to boogie.  And it was getting to be time to go because of the building plethora of wakeboards that were turning the previously flat surface of the lake into the north Atlantic.
[Image: BABY-WIPE.jpg] [Image: CAT-1.jpg] [Image: 17-WALLEYE.jpg] [Image: NO-SKUNK.jpg]

[/url][url=https://postimg.cc/hQLL1PQ4][Image: SUMMER-BLOOM.jpg]

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  Lots of baby fish at Willard yesterday
Posted by: wiperhunter2 - 06-07-2024, 12:44 AM - Forum: Utah Fishing General - Replies (2)

Ira and I got out and fished the West side again, really slow but we did pick up two baby eyes, a cat and a perch, while we were bottom bouncing with worm harnesses. We finally decide to try trolling and picked up another baby eye, then finally two eyes that were a better size, one that was 20". We kept at it and as we trolled back to the South marina we picked up three baby wipers. Still having problems getting pics off my phone, so not pics. Water temp was 65 degrees when we arrived at 7am and got up to 71 before we left at 2 pm. Bugs still haven't been a problem but it was hot yesterday and it sounds like it will only get warmer.

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  Annual Strawberry Trip Open Invite
Posted by: obifishkenobi - 06-07-2024, 12:28 AM - Forum: Utah Fishing General - Replies (7)

I am doing my annual multi day trip to Strawberry 6/20-623 this year, camping on C loop at the Berry. We will be catching crawdads Friday night for a crawfish boil Saturday evening, anybody that wants to take part in either endeavor is welcome to join. I have 3 open seats for Friday morning available and 2 for Sunday morning for kokanee fishing, Saturday morning I will be participating in the Cast For Kids event. If you would like to claim a spot or want details on the crawfish endeavor send me a PM and we will work out the details.

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  Quick trip on way home
Posted by: Freakyfisherman - 06-06-2024, 03:54 PM - Forum: Utah Fishing General - Replies (1)

I had to get me a new rod because I dropped my other into Echo reservoir a couple of weeks ago in the float tube, and I wanted to give it a few casts to try it out. I stopped by Echo for an hour and a half. I tossed some jigs and plastics from the shore. I caught one 17 inch walleye, 3 smallmouth bass less than 10 inches in length, and one slimy thick rainbow. The new rod was nice and really sensitive. I fish when ever I see an opening to do so. Missed a few hits. Now my choice to float tube with my son on Saturday evening just got interesting. So it will be Deer Creek or Echo. I hate making choices like that. One of my buddies has been doing well jigging on Deer creek for them walleye.If you have never caught a walleye and that is on your list, the time is here. Be warned walleye addiction is a serious thing that I live with. 

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  Otter creek
Posted by: stan55 - 06-06-2024, 01:44 AM - Forum: Utah Fishing General - Replies (17)

I'm down south and with temps hitting 110 in St George decided a trip was just the thing to avoid heat. Otter is filled to the brim. Campground was full and about 20 boats were on the water. Temps in 50s at 8am launch. Just a slight breeze. Perfect. Started trolling along east side as that's where the power bait crowd was located. Nada. Decided to make my way to the west side and about halfway there we doubled up on some nice fat bows. Trolled back and forth for rest of day as bite stayed hot. The rainbows were 16-to-20-inch fat little footballs and fought like crazy. Hooked over 20 of them during the time we fished. Trolling depths were 10 to 15 and speed was 1.5 mph. Used some rabbit streamers s I tied myself and squids. Color did not matter. We were fishing 2 oz snap weights 30 to 40 feet back with a setback of 35 feet.

I'll likely hit Fish Lake and Minersville in next few days but a return to Otter is a high probability.

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Rainbow Having More Fun
Posted by: k2muskie - 06-05-2024, 10:15 PM - Forum: Utah Fishing General - Replies (6)

Bite a little tougher but we managed couple Walleye, 3 Perch we released this time along with 3 huge Catfish, couple micro Walleye and Wiper.

Doing the same thing trolling working out in middle.  1-9-2.2Mph. 22-24 FOW setback 83’ to 120’ one ounce weight clipped up 5-6’ from lure.  #7 Flicker minnows Firetiger hot tail.

Water temp 63° and off was 69°.

[Image: IMG-1361.jpg]
[Image: IMG-1369.jpg]

[Image: IMG-1377.jpg]

Tight Lines!

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  West Side Story at RP
Posted by: perchinski - 06-05-2024, 09:09 PM - Forum: Utah Fishing General - Replies (3)

Returned to the scene of the crime, but this time in my buddy's boat.  On the water around 9am, quitting at 1pm.  Thought we'd tear 'em up, but we worked hard to get half-doz each of smallies & perch.  West side start in my shoreline spot from last Sat, and that proved to be the best.  Tried east side cuts, bays, points and rocky spines, the dam, but nary a bite.  East side water temps at 58-59, a degree or two lower than west side.  Weber River coming in like gangbusters, roily & brown.  Wind just baby whitecaps, taking turns from all four directions.  The perch & smallies we could find were in 5-10' of water, with the perch going 8-9" and the bass 12-15".  Light biters, even the smallies biting like perch.  Missed lots more than we boated.  Planning to hit Jordy this Sunday.

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  Blue day at Lincoln
Posted by: Boatloadakids - 06-05-2024, 08:31 PM - Forum: Utah Fishing General - Replies (5)

Good morning for cats today... hot fishing and hot weather. Caught about 8 including my first blue cats of the year. Wink  The spawn is ON...couple of "blue" cats and a few just regular ol" channel cats. Arrived just after 6 a.m. and saw lots of surface popping at the launch. Looked like a good chance to pick up some fresh white bass. Tried a curly tail - nothing, tried a small spinner and started catching a few four-inch wb?? Too early for this year's young and last year's hatch should be 6-8 inchers. Dunno, but the small ones made good bait.

[Image: IMG-0409.jpg]
A blue and a channel  Rolleyes

Best bait was wb fished on the bottom in 6-8 fow. Water temp was 68 degrees. Big ones are coming.

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  2.7M acres - Great Salt Lake Sentinel Landscape Partnership
Posted by: JazzyM - 06-04-2024, 10:22 PM - Forum: Utah Fishing General - Replies (2)

My gut feeling tells me that us outdoor peoples will be locked out of some parts of the areas covered by this "Partnership". Unfortunately I seem to be getting used to being "locked out".  Cry


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  WB 6/3/2024
Posted by: Paddler - 06-04-2024, 09:33 PM - Forum: Utah Fishing General - Replies (12)

SLOW!  Lines in at 8:15, fish over 8 hours, trolled 23.6 miles for 3 fish.  Released 2 of them, a 10" perch and 12"-13" wiper.  Finally landed an 18" walleye and had to call it.  I tried a bunch of stuff, everything from 1/4oz Thin Fins 50' off the boards to a Deep Reef Runner 24' down, plus BB a couple of Shad Raps.  I about circumnavigated the place.  Cold fronts suck.

Here are the lures I tried:

[Image: 1000004440.jpg]

Here's the last part of my trail.  My chartplotter starts a new trail after reaching 2000 points, and apparently doesn't save the previous one, so the first part of the day doesn't show.  23.61 miles worth, though, for one walleye.  Only burned 3.0 gallons, mostly trolling, but I did run up into the wind and chop in the afternoon, though, where the shown trail starts.  I'll be back. Wink

[Image: 1000004442.jpg]

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